Utilizing an agent to assist you during the home buying process is the way to get moving---literally!  Driving around on Sundays won't cut it anymore.  Looking online at outdated listings can be a headache as well.  Even with the top home search websites, finding listings that fit ALL of the needs that you have  can be down right frustrating. Agents not only have access to the Multiple Listing Service but also pocket listings that never hit the market as well as other opportunities that you simply cannot find online.

Getting yourself pre-qualified for a mortgage loan is the first step! 

Hiring an agent costs you nothing when you purchase a home.  A typical agent represents your side of the transaction and has your best interests in mind.  A great agent will not only get you the best deal possible, but they'll also ensure that you are educated about the home buying process along the way so there are no surprises!!!  Here's a brief summary of the home buying process, what an agent can do for you, and costs associated with the home buying process:

Identify and view homes that meet to your needs

Securing a home

  • Assess value of selected properties based on comparable sales and areas
  • Submit offer(s)
  • Negotiate terms.

Assist with completing your loan application within the required time.

Educate on how to obtain important information relevant to your purchase

  • School rankings
  • Homeowner association rules
  • Crime reports
  • Commute times
  • Measurements
  • Average utilities & maintenance costs

Scheduling a home inspection ($175-$500), termite inspection ($75-$125), & radon testing ($400).

Addressing concerns with the property to the seller & negotiating repairs.

Scheduling the appraisal which is ordered by your lender ($425).

Facilitating the title order to identify liens / judgments on the property or clouds on the title.

Assisting with obtaining items needed for underwriting process.

Scheduling closing date & time!